Get Market-Ready

As very experienced investors and advisors, we grow business value and personal wealth in many ways:

Directly with private mid-market business owners

  • Through local or state, federal regulatory and economic development agencies, whose focus is on improving economies by strengthening the operational effectiveness of mid-market business. (We are a frequent visitor to The SEC and The Minority Business Development Agency of the U.S. dept. of Commerce is a featured participant at our conferences and educational events.)
  • As a partner to industry trade associations, a significant portion of whose members are mid-market businesses, to create systemic improvements across an industry.
  • In partnership with Universities and Phds knowledgeable about the growing global marketplace for private companies
  • In collaboration with business advisors, as individuals or professional membership associations, to broaden the perspective and strengthen the capabilities of advisory serving the private mid-market.

Lastly, our members represent corporate investors, family offices,  private equity groups, and other well capitalized institutions seeking attractive private companies.