The MidMarket accounts for nearly 50% of the global GDP and generally offers the most stable source of employment. However, it is the most under-served segment of the economy when it comes to educational resources. There is a dearth of educational material for professionals, owners, managers, and service providers of the midmarket.

Business schools typically focus on the large companies with their MBA and Executive MBA programs; MBA students seek employment on Wall Street or as high-flying entrants into the larger companies. The SBA, SCORE, and a host of other organizations exist to serve the special educational needs of the small businesses. Several business schools have also added entrepreneurship and innovation programs to address the needs of start-ups.


The Lower Middle Market Space


While there is some overlap with the midmarket with these educational resources, the gap remains huge. Companies in the midmarket face a unique set of operational challenges, regulations, and competitive pressures when compared to the small businesses and the very large corporations.

The goal of the Alliance is to continually create and curate the best resources, increase the knowledge, and offer certifications in a wide variety of topics to the midmarket ecosystem.

We aim to:

  • Educate professionals such as CPAs, attorneys, wealth managers, M&A advisors, exit planners
  • Educate owners of midmarket companies on the importance of profitability, growth, market-readiness, and exit planning
  • Educate solution providers on the needs of the midmarket companies and professionals and how to create better solutions for this critical segment of the global business world
  • Educate everyone else on the important role of the midmarket in the world economy