In 2003, distinguished leaders in the intermediary, and merger & acquisition profession met to create a Foundation to advance and promote the profession.

Thought, care, work, and love of the profession were the primary ingredients. The Business Intermediary Foundation (BIEF) is a commitment to the growth of the profession, protection and promotion of the highest standards, and prosperity for its professionals.

Today the IBBAM&A Source and the AM&AA have now come together to support BIEF!

Our first project, the "Campaign for Clarity", is advocating legislation to codify what was outlined in the SEC's ground breaking 2014 M&A Brokers No Action Letter.

Today, we are close to our goal.  And our industry needs your help right now!   We of course want to finish and pay for the work done on behalf of "The Campign for Clarity" as well as raise money for BIEF for any future projects.

We have been working on the Campaign for Clarity for years with good but incomplete results.  But now due to the election results, we are extremely excited that our bill/legislation will be attached to a larger piece of legislation called the Choice Act.

If it starts to work through the House and Senate, we will need representation to be in Washington D.C. to participate in hearings and work on our behalf behind the scenes.

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