Action Step 4: Improve Business Profitability

Expected future profitability is a very key fundamental driver of business value. If meeting your personal and business objectives requires more time, a “GAP-MAP” analysis gives you an excellent yard stick to know by how much the future value of your company must increase. With these types of quantitative and qualitative assessments, you can confidently plan many ways to “Bridge the Value GAP”. Do a comprehensive review of the many special factors that have the largest value impact for your type business. These “value drivers” are what experienced buyers look for in a closely-held business. For those owners seeking to sell or transfer a business to insiders, these same fundamental value drivers are equally important. Some of the many value drivers include:

  • An Experienced Management Team
  • Proven Operating Systems
  • An Established Customer Base
  • Modern Facilities
  • A Documented and Realistic Growth Strategy
  • Effective Financial Controls
  • A History of Stable or Increasing Cash Flow