Exit Rich

Exit Rich
58 Proven Ways to Systematically Cash Out For More When You Sell Your Business
Exit - 58 Proven Ways

This book focuses on helping you to dramatically increase the value of your business. It helps you choose the 5 or 10 most effective ways for you (out of the 58 proven ways described in the book), to implement in your business. Today. Right now.

As a business owner, you’ve spent most of your time, energy and resources building a business. You’ve often neglected your family, your health and only heaven know’s what else for the sake of the company.

Yet when it comes time to sell your business, chances are (if you’re like most business owners) you’ll offer it up for sale hoping to get what you believe it’s worth. Without having given any thought to maximizing the value of this business you’ve sacrificed so much for all through the years.

If you’re interested in extensive details on all of the various valuation techniques or all of the steps, contracts and details required in the selling process, don’t buy this book. Buy another one. There are plenty of them out there. But if you’re interested in making your business more profitable while you’re getting ready to sell it, this book delivers the goods.

For instance. Would it surprise you to know that you actually have control over the price earnings ratio used by valuation consultants to calculate your specific business’s value? How about discovering the steps (not related to profits or PE ratios) that can dramatically increase the value of your business in the final stages of preparing your business for sale?

With your purchase, you also get access to checklists and planning documents that make the process simple to understand and easy to implement.